Find a wide variety of special cars to choose for films.

  • ・Let us know what car you’re looking for, so we can find the right one for you!
  • ・Staffs resident, We will support the shooting
  • ・Find a wide variety of special cars to choose for films, dramas and tv commercials.
  • ・All over Japan correspondence is possible

Provide possible models of vehicles for films.

  • 国産車

    Japanese car

  • 輸入車

    Imported car

  • 旧車

    Old cars

  • パトカー

    Police car

  • 救急車


  • バス


  • バイク


  • 限定車

    Limited car

  • 改造車

    Remodeling car

  • リムジン


  • 戦車


  • その他


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Contact:Umino Phone number:090-8840-1575

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